BEST OF NORMANDY 2019/2020 Petit Futé

Anglais [eBook] BEST OF NORMANDY 2019/2020 Petit Futé


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  • Parution : 11 avril 2019 - création : 12 avril 2019
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The majestic Mont-Saint-Michel, which attracts millions of curious people every year, stands almost as an international emblem for this beautiful and vast region. But Normandy is diverse, rich in its landscapes, culture and activities: tumultuous at Cap de la Hague, serene where the Seine meanders, steeped in history at Rouen, chic at Deauville, thermal at Bagnoles-de-l'Orne, original at Le Havre, resort-like at Granville. And of course there's the history: from William the Conqueror to the Allied landing during World War II. Though the price to pay was high, it is a real source of pride for the Normans to have played such a huge role in the liberation of Western Europe. The commemoration of these events holds a special place in the whole region. In short, if you don't have a precise agenda, let yourself drift along its paths and roads: this is perhaps the best way to discover Normandy and its way of life. Lovers of sport (nautical sport, of course, but not only), good meals, architectural discoveries, or just tranquility, Normandy is for you. With this guidebook, Petit Futé has done everything possible to give you a selection of addresses gathering the must-sees as well as the hidden treasures for a successful stay.

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